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Thermo Tec 11031 Generation II Copper Exhaust Insulating Wrap

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BrandThermo-Tec Products
NotesGeneration II Copper Exhaust Insulating Wrap; 1 in. x 50 ft.;
Manufacturer Part Number11031

Exhaust Heat Shield

Generation II Copper Exhaust Insulating Wrap

Generation II Copper Exhaust Insulating Wrap; 1 in. x 50 ft.;

  • Improves Heat Resistance Up To 30 Percent
  • Creates More Horsepower
  • Reduces Temperature Under The Hood
  • Withstands Heat Up To 2000 Degrees
  • Thermo Conductive Technology
  • Controls Heat Build Up And Dissipation

Since 1987, Thermo Tec has been proud to offer customers the latest in exhaust insulating and heat protection technology. Our mission has always been to use research, experience, and innovation to provide a quality product to our valued customers. Thermo Tec's goal is to exceed our customers' expectations in solving the ever pressing destructive nature of exhaust heat. This mission is the fuel that drives us to continue to create and develop the best possible solutions. Applications for Thermo Tec's products are endless. We manufacturer over 130 products that either control heat dissipation or reflect heat away from parts and components in an unlimited number of potential uses. Currently, our products are used in every form of motor sports including NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, Oval Track, and Off Road racing. Thermo Tec is also involved in Military, OEM industrial, Aircraft, Marine, And Motorcycle Industries to name just a few. With our extensive testing program, each product sold is of the highest quality.